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Xquisite's X5 POWER DEBUT at Miami Boat Show

Xquisite's X5 POWER DEBUT
at Miami Boat Show

One session only,
4 pm on Saturday, February 16.



X5 Power first scale model, renders, specifications, opportunity
to pre-order the first available production slots with savings!


For further news & videos please visit Our Website and follow Our Facebook page.

Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show

Visit X5 Sail and schedule a meeting at The Miami International Boat Show - February 14-18, 2019.
New Maintenance Plan for Xquisite Yachts owners

New Maintenance Plan for Xquisite Yachts owners

Xquisite Yachts now offers a new Maintenance Plan for both new buyers and existing owners. Discover the benefits of our Service & Customer care.
Xquisite Yachts X5-008 gets ready to sail

X5-008 is still available (not for long)

Launching, commissioning, sea trials and our rigorous final quality control process to follow before she will be delivered to the USA.

Don't miss out this opportunity!. Contact us for more information!


Xquisite Yachts


We established Xquisite Yachts in 2014 with the purpose of launching a new brand of sailing and power catamarans. Our goal was to create the ultimate luxury yacht for cruisers where safety and innovative design blend together, offering unmatched comfort for adventurers who wish to explore our oceans without giving up their comfortable lifestyle.
Award of the 'Best Multihull Over 30'
Best Boat of 2017: Xquisite Yacht's X5 Most Innovative - Boat of the Year for 2017
Phone: +1 (707) 370 5264
- CEO: Mr. Tamas Hamor
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