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Running Mon Marina in the Bahamas has been acquired by Xquisite Yachts!

Xquisite Yachts is Proud to Announce Its Acquisition of Running Mon Marina, the Future Home of the Xquisite Catamaran Center

On September 1, 2022, Xquisite Yachts completed its purchase of the Running Mon Marina and Resort in Freeport, Bahamas. Over the next few years, the existing hotel and marina will be upgraded and renovated to the Xquisite Catamaran Center, a hub for Xquisite owners, and the Xquisite Yachts Service Center, headed by Global Service Manager Stephen Joyce.

Mr. Tamas Hamor, CEO of Xquisite Yachts, said Grand Bahama was the right place for this new venture.

“Over the years of sailing around the world to more than 90 countries, my wife Sara and I spent many months in The Bahamas, and year after year, we came back, and seven years ago, we got married in Eleuthera. Strategically, Running Mon’s proximity to Florida is the perfect location to establish our service center, where Xquisite owners can bring in their vessels for servicing, repairs, upgrades, and maintenance and have a hub where they can get together and enjoy the destination”
he said.
Mr. Tamas Hamor

Running Mon Resort and Marina was built in 1988. Unfortunately, over the past six years, the facility has experienced a number of challenges as a result of the hurricanes that came through and now the global pandemic; Mr. Derek Newbold, Chief Investment Officer at The Grand Bahama Port Authority, said,

“Today represents a transformational day for Running Mon Marina and Resort. With the acquisition of this property by Xquisite Yachts and the planned upgrades, they will help to re-establish Running Mon as one of the premier marinas in the northern Bahamas. Further, with its proximity to various yards, such as Knowles Marine and Bradford Marine, the goal is to make this the one-stop place for all of Xquisite’s clients’ needs and allow them to experience The Bahamas. In addition to hotel and service, Xquisite Yachts will work with local businesses to provide excursions, such as fishing and diving, and some water sports activities. Over the next few months, we will announce more activities we plan to include at the Xquisite Catamaran Center. ”

Mr. Tamas Hamor and Mr. David Townsend

Mr. Tamas Hamor and Mr. David Townsend

Mr. Newbold believes the new service center will attract high-net-worth individuals to Grand Bahama, creating significant spin-off opportunities for the island and the city of Freeport, especially in the real estate sector.

“In addition to the construction jobs created during the renovation and rebuilding phase, the new service center will serve as a hub for the North American region, servicing existing clients and training new owners on the use and operation of specialized high-end luxury sailing vessels. Each client and visitor to these facilities is a potential investor or second homeowner for Grand Bahama,” he said.

According to Mr. David Townsend, CFO of Xquisite Yachts,

“We anticipate investing around $5M on the project. Once completed, there will be 30 to 40 full-time employment opportunities here.’ To date, Xquisite Yachts have retained the services of Lawrence Chisolm & Associates, Ltd., Running Mon’s original architect, and Yellow Fin General Contractors Ltd. as the General Contractor for Phase I renovations of the property. The full renovation is estimated to take two to three years to complete, but our goal is to make the marina available to receive our owners by November 1, 2022, with the hotel reopening next year. As you know, just like with our build schedule, we will keep everyone updated on the progress of renovations at Running Mon.” Townsend explained.
“We believe Running Mon property is the location we need for this boating center where our owners can come in and know we have a crew to take care of the boats. It is perfect, a match made in heaven.” Mr. Hamor concluded.

Xquisite Yachts would like to personally thank the Minister for Grand Bahama, the Honorable Ginger Moxey and her entire office, the Grand Bahama Port Authority, especially Ian Rolle, Derek Newbold, Nakira Wilchcombe, Nicole Colebrooke, and their respective teams, Yolande Julien of Glinton, Sweeting, and O’Brien, Mark Gardiner of Starr General Insurance, as well as the numerous contractors and inspectors that helped make this purchase possible, such as the Royal Bahamas Police Force Fire Services, Morgan’s Pumping, Ltd., Robinson Pool Maintenance, and the wonderful people of Freeport.


The Future Home of the Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

  • Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

    Xquisite Catamaran Center

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    SIXTY SOLAR POWER’s first hull is now in production!

    SIXTY SOLAR POWER’s first hull is now in production!


    After two long years of development between Xquisite Yachts and Dixon Yacht Design, the tooling for the new Sixty Solar Power has been completed, and production of the first hull started in Portugal, where Xquisite is setting up its new production facilities in partnership with Corthinx and Walby Portugal.

    This exciting new model, with its state-of-the-art diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system from E-Motion Hybrids – loaded with innovation and the latest technologies – will change the way you live at sea.

    The first two units already sold, and the third hull is still available with 2024 delivery.

    Please get in touch for more information!  

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    Our Partners

    • Dixon-Yacht-Design

    • e-motion

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      NautiStyles Full X5 Plus Walkthrough Video & What’s Next For Xquisite Yachts

      NautiStyles Full X5 Plus Walkthrough Video

      & What’s Next For Xquisite Yachts


      While sailing in the Bahamas, we met a couple anchored next to us, cruising aboard a cool-looking Catamaran.

      After having some sundowners onboard their beautiful and shiny new Yacht, we got a full tour and were extremely impressed… so we have decided that we absolutely MUST bring a Yacht Tour of one of these to the channel.

      So welcome aboard on XQUISITE X5 PLUS CATAMARAN!
      We loved the quality of the build, the layout, the attention to detail, and the unique features.

      Following a chat with the Founder & CEO of Xquisite Yachts – Tamas, we have become fans of this Brand with a bright and exciting future ahead.

      Make sure to stay till the end to hear what’s in store: the ECO innovation, the
      Solar expansion, the Hybrid Silent Future of this Boat Brand, and the ground-breaking attention to customer aftercare which is definitely not the standard in this industry and it’s customers are raving about.

      Step Aboard and prepare to be amazed…

      The NautiStyles team did a wonderfully detailed walk-through:

      • X5 Plus - AFT


        • Loved the low sugar scoops so they could get on easily from their tender
        • You can adjust the seating and convert it into a daybed for a nice place to nap
        • Underneath the aft seat holds dive compressor tanks with easy access. Right near the swim platform
        • Aft freshwater overhead shower
        • Convertible table great for dinner parties
        • Wide and sturdy walkways with a side boarding ladder permanently installed
        • Drink fridge and electric grill powered by the solar panels
        • Dual safety glass windows with no caulking exposed to the sun

      • X5 Plus - Rain Catcher


        • Standard electric furling system
        • The Xquisite team does a rigorous 1 monthly inspection in South Africa before delivery to the customer
        • 24-volt Spectra watermaker that can make 40 gallons an hour
        • The filters and water tanks are very easy and accessible
        • Forward deck storage is massive. Some even have drainage holes so no molding
        • You can collect rainwater that goes directly into the water tank

      • X5 Plus - Helm Station

        HELM SETUP

        • Harken track allows you to enclose or retract the entire canopy
        • Everything is properly labeled
        • Winch safety switch and engine parallel control so if you have issues with batteries
        • Wireless charging station
        • Camera mounted to the top of the mast where you can see it on the chart plotter to keep an eye out for everything


        • The flush solar panels you can lift up and direct them towards the afternoon sun, and you can clean underneath

      • X5 Plus - Galley


        • Trash is easily accessible
        • All plus are universal
        • 4 burner separate induction cooktops
        • Extraction ventilation
        • Long deep drawers with incredible storage room

      • X5 Plus - Navigation Station


        • Fully loaded tool cabinet (even with power tools)
        • Large ice maker
        • See-through escape hatch
        • Interior
        • Navigation station can also be a comfortable work from anywhere station
        • CZone control system. Great for fueling you can take the iPad and know the tank levels
        • 2 forward hatches and portholes for ventilation

      • X5 Plus - Hulls


        • Queen size beds
        • Individual CZone boxes, labeled and easily accessible
        • Great-sized shower and a bigger area to dry off. Lots of light
        • Lower beds with a lot of headroom
        • Sliding doors for privacy
        • Vented Washer/Dryer unit

      They then did a one-on-one interview with owner Tamas to discuss two new projects:

      The dual 60 solar-powered catamarans: one sail one power, and the new Xquisite owners facilities build happening in The Bahamas

      • Xquisite Sixty Solar Sail

        The 60 Solar Power

        60 Solar Power comes with 6kw solar panels with advanced lithium-ion batteries and a very advanced hybrid-propulsion system.

        The yacht comes with an 80kw battery pack that can charge in 30 minutes. We are working with e-Motion hybrids systems from Italy, which recently won an innovation award.

        We have designed these to be more “future proof” by using a parallel hybrid system.

        It has a big diesel engine with an electric motor onto the same drive train, so you can have the best of both worlds: electric-only or you can use diesel which opens up multiple possibilities.

        Reduces engine hours, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces maintenance.

      • Xquisite - Bahamas

        The Bahamas: A New Multi-Purpose Facility For Xquisite Owners

        It’s our latest project, and it’s a big deal.

        Xquisite Yachts is known for its quality of product and after-sales service; it’s pretty much unmatched in the industry. Now, we are taking it to the next level:

        We will have our own marina and boat yard, where people can come in, haul out with an a la carte menu or store your catamaran there for hurricane season, and a training center for our customers.

        Meanwhile, we put you up in a nice hotel with a restaurant on site.

        Further details will come in the next few months as the build phases gear up.

      Thank you so much to the NautiStyles team for sharing such a great walk-through.
      Your enthusiasm is refreshing.

      Please be sure to follow their YouTube Channel Here:

      NautiStyles’s YouTube Channel

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        Top 10 Catamarans 2020: The Winners!

        Xquisite Yachts X5 Sail won the prestigious 2nd place based on over 5000 votes

        INDEPENDENT & Public – 19 catamarans – 3 boat shows – dedicated app – NO DEALER BIAS

        If you are looking for a catamaran, new or used, this is going to be a valuable resource for you.

        Top 10 Catamarans 2020: The Final Results!

        Watch the full reviews on Ruby Rose – Top Catamaran Reviews 2020.

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        ‘X5 Sail is a futuristic world cruiser’ – new review about the Xquisite X5

        Xquisite X5 Catamarans use the best of the best and is possibly the ultimate luxury Catamaran

        Nick and Terysa

        “The Xquisite X5 ticks so many boxes for those of you fortunate enough to have the money to afford one.”

        said Nick and Terysa.

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        Enormous thanks to Nick and Terysa for this review. Please visit their channel for more Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose.


        Xquisite X5 review after sailing Transatlantic over 4,000 miles

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