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Luxury Yacht Enthusiasts Rejoice:

Xquisite Yachts Achieves Two Major Production Milestones!

The future of sustainable yachting

Xquisite Yachts has exciting news to share about its latest vessels. Firstly, the SIXTY SOLAR SAIL has been completed at Phoenix Marine Manufacturing in South Africa and is currently being assembled for its upcoming debut. Secondly, the first hull of the innovative SIXTY SOLAR POWER has been lifted out from the molds at Xquisite Yachts’ new production facility in partnership with Walby in Portugal.

Two Continents, One Gold Standard

Even though they were constructed on different continents, both of these exceptional models will undergo stringent quality and safety checks, in line with Xquisite Yachts’ longstanding tradition. This has helped establish the brand as a leader in the catamaran industry, with these new models set to join its prestigious lineup of multi-award-winning luxury yachts.

More Updates to Come

We are eager to showcase these new luxury yachts to the world, and we invite you to stay tuned for more updates. The launch of these two new models is scheduled for later this year.

For more information on Xquisite Yachts and our stunning range of luxury yachts, please visit our website or email us at