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Best Innovative Sailboat 2017

The X5 won Cruising World’s Most Innovative Sailboat 2017 Award. It also won Sail’s Best Multi-Hull over 50 Feet Award for its construction and beautifully engineered digital switching system.

Ready to single-hand
this beautiful boat?

Monitor your gas and water tanks and
wiring systems under sail?
Both are possible with Xquisite X5 Catamaran.

The South African–made Xquisite, which costs about $1.2 million, has a streamlined digital switching, or “distributed power” system. Early systems, based on automobile technology, were over-complicated and confusing to owners. Judges say that today’s system is refined and much easier to use. One has the ability to pull up the control system and all battery and tank information with an iPad. One may connect to the factory en-route for remote troubleshooting.

Other thoughtful touches are universal wall outlets (which will accept European and American style plugs), USB ports in every cabin and a universal input isolation transformer, which enables the boat to be plugged into shore power anywhere in the world. Today it is easier than ever to just sail away.

By Robert Haywood, Annapolis Home magazine

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