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Exploring the Surge in South Africa’s Multihull Manufacturing

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Multihull Manufacturing Boom in South Africa

South Africa’s prowess in multihull manufacturing is not only sustained but flourishing, with new boating enthusiasts driving both growth and design innovation.
As highlighted by GMBA chairperson Veda Pretorius, the nation stands as a colossus in the catamaran building arena, second only in size globally and leading in the power catamarans sector. Phoenix Marine Manufacturing emerges as a key player in cementing this status.
Over the past decade, catamarans have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity worldwide, cutting across the cruising, charter, and even the superyacht domains. The allure of multihulls lies in their spacious design, offering expansive living areas both above and below deck. This spaciousness, combined with their enhanced stability, makes them particularly appealing to yachting newcomers. The minimal heeling and shallow draft of these vessels further enhance their desirability, enabling easy access to beaches and secluded spots.

Cape Town’s Boatbuilding Landscape

The boatbuilding industry in Cape Town reflects global trends, undergoing significant consolidation over the past 15 years. Despite a reduction in the number of boatyards, the output of yachts has seen an uptick. However, challenges such as ageing infrastructure and a scarcity of skilled labor persist. Phoenix Marine Manufacturing and Xquisite Yachts collaborate are shining examples of success within these constraints and continue to innovate with award-winning designs like the Xquisite X5 Plus and the forthcoming Sixty Solar Sail catamaran, both of which are testaments to the industry’s resilience and ingenuity.
Xquisite Yachts’ adaptation to market demands, particularly in the power catamaran segment, demonstrates a keen understanding of its clientele’s evolving preferences. The introduction of a Sixty Solar Power catamaran equipped with a kite for enhanced fuel efficiency underscores the brand’s commitment to innovation. Additionally, the strategic shift to manufacture closer to its primary market in Aveiro, Portugal, speaks volumes about its agility and customer-centric approach.

After-Sales Excellence

Xquisite Yachts – in a dedicated base in the Bahamas – sets a benchmark in customer service, mirroring practices from the automobile industry to ensure unparalleled after-sales support, giving a two-year warranty to the client with a paid service plan available following that term.
This, coupled with in-house training initiatives aimed at empowering the next generation of boatbuilders, underscores the industry’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.
South Africa’s legacy in the multihull segment continues to thrive, with catamarans serving as the cornerstone of its boatbuilding industry. The collaborative efforts of Phoenix Marine Manufacturing and Xquisite Yachts, among others, are pivotal in advancing this legacy, ensuring that South Africa remains at the forefront of the global multihull market.

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About Xquisite Yachts

Xquisite Yachts is a luxury yacht brand known for its innovative designs, comfort, and sailing performance. The company produces a limited number of multi-award-winning catamarans each year using the latest technology. Customers can purchase finished yachts or place a custom order, with the option to try before they buy through the company’s charter program.
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