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The Xquisite Experience:

Luxury Catamarans, Stunning Open Waters & Exceptional Dining

Inside The Xquisite Catamaran Center – featured by Grand Life Magazine

The Xquisite Catamaran Center (formerly Running Mon Marina) is surrounded by the turquoise and cerulean waters that the island is known for, the Xquisite Team has created a peaceful oasis for boaters. Just 10 minutes from the heart of Grand Bahama, in a secluded bit of tranquility for marine enthusiasts who have traveled to the island to get acquainted with their very own luxury Xquisite vessels or to enjoy a private charter.

Bridging Continents for Luxury Sailing

The Xquisite Catamaran Center is also home to the company’s corporate offices, charter base, brokerage office, training center, Xquisite Service Center, and accommodations – making it an easy entry point.
Stephen Joyce, Xquisite’s Global Service Manager, notes that their X5 Plus luxury catamaran is built in South Africa, making Grand Bahama a central location for their United States-based customers to receive their vessels and undergo a comprehensive two-week training on-site.
“One of our experienced Captain/Technicians gives the two week onboard client training” adds Joyce.
“During the two week client training, we create an enjoyable, safe and educational environment for our clients. They receive a detailed understanding of all the systems and components on board, as well as dockside training and tons of sailing time. After the two weeks training, we offer a concierge service for our clients.”
“In the event they have any issues or problems with third-party components, we liaise between the client and the third-party component manufacturer to resolve the issue, making their life as easy as possible.”

The Xquisite Culinary Voyage: A Blend of Cultures at The Galley

The Xquisite team’s attention to detail also extends to their on-site restaurant. The Galley, which is led by Chef Harold Pinder, features a menu of intricately balanced dishes and flavors. Chef Harold, who is joined by Shankea Ambrister and Willard Martin in The Galley kitchen, describes their cuisine as “…very diverse, and a good blend of cultures from all around.”
He also noted that he likes to bring local ingredients to the forefront, weaving them together with international techniques to create something that guests won’t soon forget.
The Galley can be accessed via land or sea, with a short-term marina docking slip for restaurant visitors.
The Xquisite Catamaran Center has recently been outfitted with all new amenities. Their hotel room renovations scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

A special thanks to The Grand Life Magazine
for showcasing our story!

About Xquisite Yachts

Xquisite Yachts is a luxury yacht brand known for its innovative designs, comfort, and sailing performance. The company produces a limited number of multi-award-winning catamarans each year using the latest technology. Customers can purchase finished yachts or place a custom order, with the option to try before they buy through the company’s charter program. Xquisite Yachts can be seen at all major international boat shows.
About The Grand Life Magazine

The Grand Life Magazine, the official magazine of Grand Bahama, features diverse stories about the people, communities, and businesses that make the island unique. In addition to showcasing the new logo, the winter issue will highlight stories about Coral Vita, the Renu Day Spa, Six Senses Grand Bahama, The Xquisite Catamaran Center and Galley Restaurant, Grand Bahama’s 120+ dining options, the GB Human Society, things to do on Grand Bahama Island, and the vibrant story of Grand Bahama’s Junkanoo community.