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Cruising World magazine raves about X5 Sail

With North sails set in 8 to 10 knots of breeze, we made 7 knots close-hauled and watched the speedo jump to 7.9 on a reach

“That Xquisite sure sailed beautifully… I mean beautifully.”

said Carol Hasse, “Boat Of The Year” judge.

“It’s just really, really impressive the number of sea going details built into this boat”

said Tim Murphy in the June edition of Cruising World magazine.

The Xquisite X5 is designed, built and equipped to take you anywhere you might care to go.

A solent rig with a self-trending staysail and a big genoa provides lots of sail-plan options. The cockpit arch anchors the mainsheet traveler and also is home to a killer shower.

Let’s begin by saying the X5 catamaran from Xquisite Yachts, with its soaring cockpit arch, sweeping curves in the cabin top and array of windows, is at first glance, well, distinctive.

But after spending an hour or so digging through the South African-built bluewater cruiser while it was tied to the dock at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, and another sailing it in a decent breeze on Chesapeake Bay, our team of Boat of the Year judges came up with a better description of the X5: Most Innovative.

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