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Xquisite 30 SportCat: The Perfect Mix of Sport and Comfort, Reviewed by Multihulls World

Xquisite 30 SportCat:
The Perfect Mix of Sport and Comfort, Reviewed by Multihulls World

We are thrilled to announce that our latest catamaran, the Xquisite 30 SportCat, has been reviewed by Multihulls World, a leading publication in the sailing and boating community. The review showcases the unique features and design of the Xquisite’s 30 SportCat, making it the perfect boat for those who crave both sport and comfort.

Sporty Day Sailing at its Finest

The Xquisite 30 SportCat offers an uncluttered cockpit and a sail area-to-weight ratio of 50.59 m²/t, making it the perfect vessel for sporty day sailing. Its rotating mast and carbon beams are just a few of the features that set it apart from other boats in its class.

Convenient Transport and Accommodation

With the option to dismantle the boat and transport it via trailer, the Xquisite 30 SportCat is both convenient and versatile. The hulls are also fitted for overnight stays, making it perfect for those who want to sail for longer periods of time.

30 SportCat: The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you want to enjoy a windless day or maneuver in port, the Xquisite 30 SportCat has you covered. With the option of a 10 HP outboard or an electric motor, you can enjoy the thrill of sailing or the quiet of an electric motor. The option of daggerboards instead of the standard skeg keels adds to the boat’s versatility.

The Bottom Line

With a length of 30.34 feet, a beam of 15.89 feet, and a draft of 2.46 feet, the Xquisite 30 SportCat is both spacious and agile. Its price of $285,000 ex-tax makes it an affordable luxury for those who want the best of both worlds.

Xquisite's - 30 SportCat

Explore the New Xquisite 30 Sportcat  

Multihulls World

About Xquisite Yachts:

Xquisite Yachts is a luxury yacht brand known for its innovative designs, comfort, and sailing performance. The company produces a limited number of multi-award-winning catamarans each year using the latest technology. Customers can purchase finished yachts or place a custom order, with the option to try before they buy through the company’s charter program. Xquisite Yachts can be seen at all major international boat shows.
About Multihulls World Magazine / Multicoques Mag:

In both English and French versions, Multihulls World, founded in 1985, is the reference magazine for catamarans and trimarans, sail or motor.

We would like to thank Multihulls World for their review of the Xquisite 30 SportCat!

To read the original press release, please click here

30 Sportcat Gallery

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

  • Xquisite 30 Sportcat

Explore the New Xquisite 30 Sportcat  

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    NautiStyles Full X5 Plus Walkthrough Video & What’s Next For Xquisite Yachts

    NautiStyles Full X5 Plus Walkthrough Video

    & What’s Next For Xquisite Yachts


    While sailing in the Bahamas, we met a couple anchored next to us, cruising aboard a cool-looking Catamaran.

    After having some sundowners onboard their beautiful and shiny new Yacht, we got a full tour and were extremely impressed… so we have decided that we absolutely MUST bring a Yacht Tour of one of these to the channel.

    So welcome aboard on XQUISITE X5 PLUS CATAMARAN!
    We loved the quality of the build, the layout, the attention to detail, and the unique features.

    Following a chat with the Founder & CEO of Xquisite Yachts – Tamas, we have become fans of this Brand with a bright and exciting future ahead.

    Make sure to stay till the end to hear what’s in store: the ECO innovation, the
    Solar expansion, the Hybrid Silent Future of this Boat Brand, and the ground-breaking attention to customer aftercare which is definitely not the standard in this industry and it’s customers are raving about.

    Step Aboard and prepare to be amazed…

    The NautiStyles team did a wonderfully detailed walk-through:

    • X5 Plus - AFT


      • Loved the low sugar scoops so they could get on easily from their tender
      • You can adjust the seating and convert it into a daybed for a nice place to nap
      • Underneath the aft seat holds dive compressor tanks with easy access. Right near the swim platform
      • Aft freshwater overhead shower
      • Convertible table great for dinner parties
      • Wide and sturdy walkways with a side boarding ladder permanently installed
      • Drink fridge and electric grill powered by the solar panels
      • Dual safety glass windows with no caulking exposed to the sun

    • X5 Plus - Rain Catcher


      • Standard electric furling system
      • The Xquisite team does a rigorous 1 monthly inspection in South Africa before delivery to the customer
      • 24-volt Spectra watermaker that can make 40 gallons an hour
      • The filters and water tanks are very easy and accessible
      • Forward deck storage is massive. Some even have drainage holes so no molding
      • You can collect rainwater that goes directly into the water tank

    • X5 Plus - Helm Station


      • Harken track allows you to enclose or retract the entire canopy
      • Everything is properly labeled
      • Winch safety switch and engine parallel control so if you have issues with batteries
      • Wireless charging station
      • Camera mounted to the top of the mast where you can see it on the chart plotter to keep an eye out for everything


      • The flush solar panels you can lift up and direct them towards the afternoon sun, and you can clean underneath

    • X5 Plus - Galley


      • Trash is easily accessible
      • All plus are universal
      • 4 burner separate induction cooktops
      • Extraction ventilation
      • Long deep drawers with incredible storage room

    • X5 Plus - Navigation Station


      • Fully loaded tool cabinet (even with power tools)
      • Large ice maker
      • See-through escape hatch
      • Interior
      • Navigation station can also be a comfortable work from anywhere station
      • CZone control system. Great for fueling you can take the iPad and know the tank levels
      • 2 forward hatches and portholes for ventilation

    • X5 Plus - Hulls


      • Queen size beds
      • Individual CZone boxes, labeled and easily accessible
      • Great-sized shower and a bigger area to dry off. Lots of light
      • Lower beds with a lot of headroom
      • Sliding doors for privacy
      • Vented Washer/Dryer unit

    They then did a one-on-one interview with owner Tamas to discuss two new projects:

    The dual 60 solar-powered catamarans: one sail one power, and the new Xquisite owners facilities build happening in The Bahamas

    • Xquisite Sixty Solar Sail

      The 60 Solar Power

      60 Solar Power comes with 6kw solar panels with advanced lithium-ion batteries and a very advanced hybrid-propulsion system.

      The yacht comes with an 80kw battery pack that can charge in 30 minutes. We are working with e-Motion hybrids systems from Italy, which recently won an innovation award.

      We have designed these to be more “future proof” by using a parallel hybrid system.

      It has a big diesel engine with an electric motor onto the same drive train, so you can have the best of both worlds: electric-only or you can use diesel which opens up multiple possibilities.

      Reduces engine hours, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces maintenance.

    • Xquisite - Bahamas

      The Bahamas: A New Multi-Purpose Facility For Xquisite Owners

      It’s our latest project, and it’s a big deal.

      Xquisite Yachts is known for its quality of product and after-sales service; it’s pretty much unmatched in the industry. Now, we are taking it to the next level:

      We will have our own marina and boat yard, where people can come in, haul out with an a la carte menu or store your catamaran there for hurricane season, and a training center for our customers.

      Meanwhile, we put you up in a nice hotel with a restaurant on site.

      Further details will come in the next few months as the build phases gear up.

    Thank you so much to the NautiStyles team for sharing such a great walk-through.
    Your enthusiasm is refreshing.

    Please be sure to follow their YouTube Channel Here:

    NautiStyles’s YouTube Channel

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      XQUISITE X5 PLUS – A major update makes a past SAIL Best Boat’s winner even better

      A major update makes a past SAIL Best Boat’s winner even better

      XQUISITE X5 PLUS - A major update makes a past SAIL Best Boat’s winner even better

      The Xquisite X5 Plus is a major update of the boat that SAIL awarded Best Large Multihull and Best Systems titles in 2017.

      The changes were not just cosmetic, but genuine improvements to an already fine boat, making it lighter, faster and less dependent on fuel. The builder’s weight loss program dropped the D/L from 144 on the original boat to 126, while modifying the rig increased the sail area and yielded a significant performance boost in light air. An electrical system redesign means the Xquisite X5 Plus is also capable of supporting a luxurious lifestyle with minimal use of a genset to pump out the electrons.

      Lighter and greener: what’s not to like?

      Special thanks to Rudolf Jonker, the designer of the X5 PLUS, and the entire team at Phoenix Marine for their outstanding achievement!


      Phoenix Marine, the South African builder, went through a meticulous engineering study of the entire boat to shave weight. The hull and deck are now completely vacuum infused and cored with Divinycell both above and below the waterline. Newly redesigned composite bulkheads, different window design and re-engineered mast supports shaved off yet more weight. The combined program brought the weight down to where the boat floats nearly three inches higher than before. This in turn makes it able to carry more equipment provisions without degrading the boat’s sailing ability. This is perfect for the mission of the Xquisite X5 Plus, i.e., long-range cruising. More payload means you can load up more food, water and supplies, not to mention the parts and tools to handle anything you might run into off the grid.

      Design-wise, the bow profile was also reshaped with a finer entry, although that’s scarcely noticeable in the overall appearance of the boat. The X5 lines are about as far from traditional as a vessel can be, but the design is functional. This includes the unique window configuration, which illuminates the cabins, and the curved stern arch, which also contains running rigging. Although an unconventional look, its personality will undoubtedly win you over with time.
      Another big change was to a 24-volt electrical system fed by a solar array nearly triple the size of the original, with 2.3 kW of generating power. Upping the storage capacity with 22 kWh of lithium-ion batteries makes it possible to run the air conditioning and other electrical system components all night without running the generator — a Holy Grail of tropical cruisers.

      Either at the marina or while out on a cruise, each Xquisite X5 Plus reports its condition in detail back to the “Mother Ship” at the company whenever it is within Internet coverage with updates on the systems and any maintenance performed. The builder can then reply with a list of maintenance items due along with directions for doing them. This optional support plan includes worldwide consultation and even help contacting equipment manufacturers as needed, so owners don’t have to do it themselves — perhaps as important a feature as anything on the boat itself.

      As an added benefit, this constant contact also serves to create a cohesive group of owners, which increases pride of ownership and sustains the resale value of the boats.

      LOA 53ft LWL 50ft BEAM 26ft 2in DRAFT 4ft 5in
      DISPLACEMENT 35,274 lb SAIL AREA 1,550 ft ²
      FUEL/WATER (GAL) 208/227 ENGINES 2 x 80hp Yanmar
      SA/D RATIO 23 D/L RATIO 126

      DESIGNER Rudolf Jonker

      BUILDER Xquisite Yachts/Phoenix Marine Manufacturing,
      Cape Town, South Africa

      PRICE $1.7 million (fully equipped)

      Looking forward through the saloon

      ON DECK

      The aforementioned increased sail area with a sprit to carry bigger foresails adds to the motive power side of the new design. The standard boat includes a square-top mainsail, a working jib, a genoa and a Code 0 light-air foresail from North Sails, all on electric furlers. In bad weather, you can reduce sail, fly the self-tacking jib and run the entire vessel from inside.

      The rest of the deck layout is similar to the original. That’s good, because the Xquisite X5 designers got it right the first time. I especially liked the functional helm station with all lines falling to hand in a logical manner near a set of foot-operated electric winches. There are good handholds for safely moving around throughout the boat and even a rain catchment system to back up the watermaker and storage tanks. Experienced cruisers like a belt and suspenders approach to systems, with backups for everything.


      Our test boat was equipped with the three-cabin layout, with the entire starboard hull dedicated to an owner’s suite and the port hull divided between another pair of staterooms. All these spaces are bright and inviting, with comfortable berths, plenty of stowage and ensuite heads with showers.

      The bridgedeck offers a comfortable expanse with areas dedicated to food preparation, dining, socializing and navigation. The galley is wonderfully apportioned, with all the appliances, spaces and storage a cruising family might need.

      In typical catamaran fashion, the outdoor spaces are large and comfortable. Unlike charter cats, the emphasis is on easy living aboard for extended times, not just a week of lounging among the islands.


      Our test sail showed that the weight reduction and rig changes worked. On a gorgeous autumn day at Annapolis with 8 to 12- knot winds, the X5 Plus returned more than 60 percent of the breeze as boat speed. While there is no helm feedback, typical of a catamaran with a hydraulic steering system, the boat tacked easily under any sail combination and accelerated rapidly in the puffs.

      Especially impressive was the fact the boat sailed this well with no less than 10 people aboard, plus a large German Shepherd. The boat was also chock full of stores for cruising, due to the owners and a delivery skipper having just provisioned and sailed it offshore to Annapolis from Fort Lauderdale. Apparently, they’d had to press on close-hauled in gale conditions much of the time and had barely met their docking deadline for the recent boat show. Nonetheless, the crew (and dog) had all still managed to arrive safe and happy.

      It will take some practice to become accustomed to all the controls aboard the Xquisite X5 Plus, but the lines are arranged in a logical manner at the helm station to minimize wrapping and unwrapping the winches, and it will be worth the effort doing so. The company’s standard two-week training session for all new owners should shorten the learning curve and produce an able crew with confidence in its ability to go offshore.


      The motoring performance is the same as in the original boat and that’s just fine. Twin 80hp Yanmars drive the Xquisite X5 Plus to 9.8 knots at an 2,500 rpm or a standard cruise pace of 8.5 knots at 1,900 rpm. The sound level at cruise was the same as normal conversation, 56dBA. Maneuvering is typical of a modern cat: simple and precise. The turning circle is about 1.5 boatlengths if you don’t use differential power to the two engines to spin about in your own length. The boat stops and backs predictably.


      It may seem strange to consider a $1.7 million yacht with a $14,000 annual maintenance fee a good deal, but the Xquisite X5 Plus seems to be just that. For the money, you get a luxurious, well-built, extensively equipped voyager with full factory support anywhere. A house of similar price can easily cost that in upkeep, and it won’t take you around the world!

      X5 PLUS Production Schedule

      Download in PDF format  

      The X5 Plus Reviews will be featured in full in a special report in the Summer 2022 of MultiHull Sailor.
      For further information, visit www.sailmagazine.com

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      Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      Comfort or performance? Do we really have to choose?

      What is comfort at sea?

      With our landlubber reflexes, the first criterion that comes to mind will undoubtedly be space. The longer we stay on board, the more important it will be. Going off for a couple of weeks with eight friends to the Caribbean on a 40-foot catamaran generally goes very well – as long as everyone does their bit. On the other hand, when you live aboard permanently, the close proximity induced by the space constraints can quickly become problematic. Comfort means having space for everyone – and everything too.

      Let’s talk about equipment

      This is now a major factor when it comes to choosing your boat as you can read in our article «The true price of a multihull». Although «cooling» (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) is now widely available as standard everywhere, the list of options on offer has grown considerably in recent years in terms of home comforts. And technological developments have sometimes led us to take another look at some of our old prejudices.

      Whereas electric toilets or microwave ovens for example were still verging on heresy 10 years ago, this is no longer the case today. Between green electrical production (solar panels, wind generator, hydrogenerator) and the quality of the batteries, it is perhaps more efficient to heat your mug of tea for two minutes in a microwave oven rather than to heat a whole kettle on the gas cooker…

      Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World - X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      Text: François Tregouet – Photos: Philippe Echelle, Multihulls World

      Download in PDF Format   
      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      Comfort also means…

      With the development of lithium battery banks, more and more owners are even opting for induction hobs, thus making all the constraints, risks and space requirements associated with propane a thing of the past.
      Comfort also means freeing oneself from chores. Like the water supply, which is now produced in quantity by the onboard watermaker. This particular comfort is also synonymous with performance, because you don’t have to store and transport hundreds of gallons of water and the extra weight associated with it. No more exhausting searches for a laundromat when you have your own washing machine on board – provided, of course, that you use green products. But beware of adding any extra weight that could have an impact on the performance of the lightest yachts. Above all, be careful not to fall into the trap of over-equipping the boat and making everything too complicated.

      Comfort also means having the time to do what you want to do privately (reading, writing, cooking, diving, surfing and maybe just doing nothing. Why not…?) Spending your time maintaining, repairing or worse, trying to get complex systems repaired, far from civilization, is not very comfortable – at least for your peace of mind. The famous sailor Loïck Peyron used to say that «getting away from everything brings you a little closer to the essential». That’s certainly something to meditate on…

      The moment of truth will be a real test at sea

      Finally, even if the amount of time when you are actually sailing isn’t really that much when cruising, your multi-hull’s performance at sea will have a major impact on your comfort – both everyday life on board and your sleep. Your sensitivity to noise may cause you to shy away from certain materials (see the article on this subject), and you might worry that the low bridgedeck clearance on some boats could induce unbearable shocks as soon as the sea becomes a little rough. The moment of truth will be a real test at sea which will reveal whether the multihull that has seduced you so much on pa-per can withstand the ocean swell.

      If you’ve never been a keen racing sailor and aren’t too worried about that extra tenth of a knot, then the VMG and the AWA upwind may seem rather meaningless to you. The apparent wind, noise, humidity and the greater stresses in the sails induced by high speeds can also be considered as elements of stress and discomfort. On the other hand, a few more knots on the log and the daily runs increase, crossings become shorter and less tiring and weather systems are easier to anticipate. Between the followers of Carl Honoré and his In Praise of Slow and the insatiable search for sensations and gliding, there are many compromises to be made. But when it comes to performance on our multihulls, the factors that we can play with are clearly identified: weight, length, sail area, sail shapes and materials, windage, appendages, wetted surface and the cleanliness of the hulls.

      Performance and comfort are therefore very closely linked

      Download in PDF Format   

      Text: François Tregouet – Photos: Philippe Echelle, Multihulls World

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      Top 10 Catamarans 2020: The Winners!

      Xquisite Yachts X5 Sail won the prestigious 2nd place based on over 5000 votes

      INDEPENDENT & Public – 19 catamarans – 3 boat shows – dedicated app – NO DEALER BIAS

      If you are looking for a catamaran, new or used, this is going to be a valuable resource for you.

      Top 10 Catamarans 2020: The Final Results!

      Watch the full reviews on Ruby Rose – Top Catamaran Reviews 2020.

      Click for more videos


      ‘X5 Sail is a futuristic world cruiser’ – new review about the Xquisite X5

      Xquisite X5 Catamarans use the best of the best and is possibly the ultimate luxury Catamaran

      Nick and Terysa

      “The Xquisite X5 ticks so many boxes for those of you fortunate enough to have the money to afford one.”

      said Nick and Terysa.

      Click for more videos

      Enormous thanks to Nick and Terysa for this review. Please visit their channel for more Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose.


      Xquisite X5 review after sailing Transatlantic over 4,000 miles

      Multihulls World ‘Boat tests’ edition raves about Xquisite’s X5 Sail catamaran

      Multihulls World ‘Boat tests’ edition raves about Xquisite’s X5 Sail catamaran

      A catamaran sized for blue water cruising

      “The X5 is a total success. This “turn-key” catamaran is attractive with its rigorous specifications, fall top of the range equipment and exacting quality. The ease of use by a short-handed crew is undisputable, and the watchkeeper does not need to panic at the prospect of changing a headsail or reefing the main.”

      In 2010, the Dean 5000 became a big hit at the La Rochelle boat show. The ups and downs of the South African builder came right for the brand in the end. Phoenix Marine, a major South African manufacturer (in the composites fabrication and shipyard sector) bought the rights to the plans and asked architect Rudolf Jonker to take up the project and design a completely new boat within the existing lines: the Xquisite X5.

      A functional design

      The curvaceous style of the boat is fluid and aerodynamic. The forward face is composed of a vertical windshield in two sections which is cleverly designed and offers a great view, and the split between the lateral port lights in the coachroof is innovative and provides a remarkable panoramic view, with great quality of light, thanks to the use of high-strength, tempered laminated and glued glass.

      So, no more expansion, sources of leaks or the crazing associated with Plexiglas). Having them inset creates a protection against the harmful effects of UV light. The sleek sailplan shows this to be a robust and quick cruising boat.

      The helm station is well integrated into the overall lines, and is protected by a clever convertible bimini. The large archway after seems a little out of place and is easier to accept or when you understand the program. The cutaways for the topside hatches extend the functional style, also making use of high-strength glass.

      Multihulls World 'Boat tests' edition raves about Xquisite's X5 Sail catamaran

      Text: Philippe Echelle – Photos: Nicolas Claris – Philippe Echelle, Multihulls World

      Download in PDF Format   
      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      • Xquisite Yachts in Multihulls World – X5 Sail: 100% Comfort

      Top of the range deck fittings

      The usual guard wires have been replaced by a rigid stainless rail, 75 cm (2’5”) high which is much safer than the current recommendations require, and the solid rail can also be used as a step. Access on board is either aft via the sugarscoops, or via a very well-designed pivoting lateral cut-away. The side decks are wide and ringed with handrails on the coachroof. Space is increased by a raised area which is not fitted out, but which houses lockers (watertight with carefully draining hatches) concealing the furling lines. Very flat, with a good non-slip surface and lacking in any trip hazards and line-ends, this design choice illustrates well the philosophy of the boat. It is streamlined with the installation of a proper blue-water anchoring station. A first locker gives access to the 1,500W windlass while a second reveals the chain lead as far as the pivoting bow roller. The general design of these vital elements for anchoring highlights that nothing has been forgotten. The attachment of the indispensable bridle is done here in perfect safety. This neat device also allows the Harken furler for the staysail and the big reacher to be clipped on. It’s also this which takes the strain from the anchor and not the forward beam. Its structure conceals the two furling lines.

      The sail-handling station is at the heart of the X5: the two big Harken 60 electrical winches are powerful tools which can be used for everything. The solid frame of the windshield is used to support the removable bimini, which has articulated battens on mini bearing cars – a formidable solution which allows a perfect panoramic view to be maintained for maneuvering, combined with unrivalled all-weather protection.

      Other clever ideas include a rain water catchment using the drains incorporated in the coachroof, as well as the 900W solar power station fitted in the roof, whose panel are adjustable in angle. The South African Sparcraft mast with only one set of spreaders has two diamonds stays, and lateral forces held by lower shrouds and capshrouds. The anodizing on the mast, and the way the hardware is secured to it such as some parts being welded, all indicate a remarkable build quality.

      A refined interior

      The majority of catamarans these days have a cockpit which serves as additional living space, a kind of multi-purpose balcony with many different uses forced upon it. The X5’s response to this a traditional one (bench seating around a large table, spacious lounger opposite and an adjustable bench seat aft), but this whole area can be quickly enclosed. In fact, the cloth screens are permanently fixed in the recesses in the arch, and it only takes a few seconds to set them in place! The bimini roof has a nice headlining and is well lit with LEDs, and this creates a great atmosphere in this outdoor saloon. A wet kitchen and a refrigerator perfectly complete the setup – you can heat things up (or cool them down) as necessary!

      The galley is brilliant: set in an L-shape to port around a central island, it is a superb, well-finished installation, with some neat little touches. The lounger in the saloon is really comfortable, and is alongside the nav station, which is the nerve center of the boat, with everything accessed via an iPad on a stand. The quality of the woodwork is remarkable, as is the choice of domestic equipment and materials. Everything is a well-built, solid and entirely suitable for marine use. The limewashed oak trim comes from the well-known Dutch supplier Leewenburgh and is used over sandwich construction.

      There is excellent light in the hulls, which have a pretty finish and plenty of storage. The utility room in the starboard hull is really designed for long-term used and the bathroom is quite simply perfect, with refined detail, comfort and quality. The two guest cabins to port offer are equally neat facilities, with really well-designed bathrooms. All the plumbing and cabling is run in separate galleries beneath the floor, and not in the bilges.

      Real-time information

      The cabling is fire resistant and the whole installation is insulated. All the sockets are US and European compatible, with the voltage being programmable. The whole of the Mastervolt charging and inverter system is run by an easyview controller, accessed along with the rest of the technical systems aboard, using the tablet supplied.

      Access to all the main information about the boat is instantly available and can be saved at any moment by the yard’s design team for diagnostic purposes. The screen also displays reminders for maintenance.

      A lively catamaran which is fun to sail

      The amount of torque available from the 80hp Yanmars is very comforting, with three-bladed Maxprops really biting the water, giving great directional control for maneuvering on the dock at low revs. With no experience of handling the boat astern, I had no problem getting into our slip with 18 knots of wind on the beam. On the day of our test we enjoyed good winds, starting with 5 knots from the NE picking up to 18 knots from the NW for the majority of the day over a run of 32 miles. Once clear of the dock, I hoisted the mainsail from the helm station using the electrical winch.

      Being totally unfamiliar with the boat, I asked Tamas Hamor to stay close by and keep an eye on me to make sure I didn’t foul anything up. 30 seconds of explanation was all that was required to have a good understanding of the deck layout which is exceptionally well-designed and built. Everything is led back to the cockpit through three tunnels, whose outlets have sacrificial polished stainless anti-chafe sections carefully installed. The 14 Spinlock clutches are generously-sized and are all ergonomically within reach.

      Everything is clearly laid out, and each line (colors and characteristics carefully selected depending on their job) is identified on an engraved plate at the deck organizers. With of the cover stowed in 3 seconds, I had a perfect view as the main went up between the lazy jacks. Once it was set, I bore away and cut the motors. After a slight adjustment to the mainsheet car and a little bit in on the mainsheet, I unfurled the reacher. I checked the color of the line at the furler, released the clutch of the lazy sheet and pulled. Straight away had the feeling that I knew the boat and would be able to react immediately and make any adjustments with ease and dexterity.

      The quality of the development of this hull number one is absolutely remarkable. The wind was backing, but then quickly settled in the NW and was picking up. With this amount of sail area (183m² – 1,970sq ft), the boat starts to move in just four knots of wind. The quality of the North membrane sails, combined with a faultless deck layout, made for a nice surprise at the start of our test. A good breeze was now blowing across the water, leading us to another exercise: I rolled up the reacher in a jiffy by bearing away and giving a bit of a lee from the main, easing the sheet with one hand and operating the furler with my foot. Fantastic doing this on your own compared to a gennaker!

      The self-tacking staysail was quickly unfurled and once set for a close reach, I turned my attention to reducing the mainsail. With the traveler out and the sheet eased, the sail is empty, but it doesn’t flog. Thanks to the engravings for the lines, there is no confusion and I don’t need to ask Tamas a thing: ease the halyard, hook on the strap at the mast and re-tension, making a visual check (thanks to the hatch in the cover) that nothing has caught, and we’re off again! This magic deck layout gives me great confidence and I imagine it would be the same for any sailor. The feel of the helm is good for a hydraulic linkage, and checking the mechanical parts (welded stainless connections and rudder stock) inspired respect.

      The X5 is agile for such a well-equipped model, it tacks perfectly, accelerates through a bit of a chop and knows how to keep up good average speeds between 8.5 and 10.5 (our maximum speed on the day) in 15-18 knots true. In the conditions we encountered I found it to be a very stable platform with a gentle passage through the water.


      The X5 is a total success. This “turn-key” catamaran is attractive with its rigorous specifications, fall top of the range equipment and exacting quality. The ease of use by a short-handed crew is undisputable, and the watchkeeper has no need to panic at the prospect of changing a headsail or reefing the main.

      Download in PDF Format   

      Text: Philippe Echelle – Photos: Nicolas Claris – Philippe Echelle, Multihulls World

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      In-depth Italian video review of Xquisite X5 Sail shot at the Miami International Boat Show

      Watch the in-depth Italian video review of Xquisite X5 Sail shot at the Miami International Boat Show 2018 with the kind comments of Antonio Vettese

      Please visit THE BOAT SHOW’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page for further sailing & powerboat reviews.

      Xquisite X5 Sail, visto al Miami International Boat Show 2018 [ITA] XQUISITE X5 SAIL – Presentazione – The Boat Show di Antonio Vettese

      Visita il nostro canale YouTube “THE BOAT SHOW”
      e la pagina di Facebook per più.

      Guided tour of Xquisite X5 – Video

      SABBEX was at the right place and time in June for a
      guided tour of the Xquisite X5 courtesy of the design and production team.

      Climb aboard for a virtual tour

      and listen to what Xquisite Yachts chief executive Tamas Hamor had to say about ‘their baby’.
      X5 is the latest hull from Phoenix Marine’s Atlantis facility which expects to increase production in the next financial year.

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      Big Thanks goes to

      SabbexBoating South AfricaPhoenix Marine

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