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Xquisite 30 SportCat Review:
The High-Performance Catamaran That’s Perfect for Novice Sailors

All about Xquisite’s newest offering, the 30 SportCat, which is designed to be the ideal training boat
for novice sailors who want to fast learn how to sail – Reviewed by Multihull Sailor

Xquisite 30 SportCat – the best training boat

Xquisite catamarans are well known as comfortable, well-built long-distance cruising cats with all of the luxury and accouterments one would expect – the antithesis, in other words, of minimalism. Which is why Xquisite’s new offering, the 30 Sportcat designed by François Perus, causes a double take of neck-twinging proportions.
With a rotating carbon mast, carbon deck beams, displacement of just 1,872 pounds, North 3Di sails, an interior whose greatest luxury is a mattress, and a construction methodology that lets it be dismantled and fit onto a trailer or inside a 40-foot shipping container, this little rocket is just begging to be sailed fast – and that is precisely its purpose, according to Tamas Hamor, Xquisite’s founder, and CEO.
“That was the goal – the best training boat for people to learn how to sail, but it’s fast enough for people who know how to sail to have fun” – he says. “Half of our owners buying new boats have never sailed before. We want to bring them here and teach them sailing.”

Super simple to sail, everything is small

Xquisite aims to help all of their new owners bridge this gap with a two-week training period. But actually learning to sail is something different, and that’s where the 30 Sportcat comes in. Hamor wanted to create a boat that’s light, fun, and exciting to sail without the complexities of daggerboards or foils. “The boat is super simple to sail. Everything is small. You have to use your hands, you trim the sails, you feel the rudders. Just with two fingers, you can steer the boat. So this is how you learn sailing.”
Another impetus was the establishment of Xquisite’s new base in Freeport, Bahamas, which was to be fully opened by this summer and will include a sail training school.
Owners who are waiting for their boats to be built can come to the base and learn on the 30 Sportcat in the meantime. Hamor envisions fun regattas where a group of the boats sail to the Berry Islands, 50 miles away, to spend an overnight on the water. With a 10-hp outboard (optional electric), the boat has two berths aft in each hull, sail storage forward, a portable toilet, and a small sink. It’s camping, he says, and that’s also part of the fun.
At $285,000 a whack, it’s also expensive fun, but that hasn’t stopped some Xquisite owners from already ordering the boats to keep at their homes while sailing their big cats elsewhere.

OA: 30′ 4″ | Beam: 16′ 11″ | Draft: 2’ 6″ | Displ.: 1,872 Ibs
Sail Area: 860 sq ft (main, gennaker, and self-tacking jib)

About Xquisite Yachts

Xquisite Yachts is a luxury yacht brand known for its innovative designs, comfort, and sailing performance. The company produces a limited number of multi-award-winning catamarans each year using the latest technology. Customers can purchase finished yachts or place a custom order, with the option to try before they buy through the company’s charter program. Xquisite Yachts can be seen at all major international boat shows.
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